Responsible Service of Alcohol and Responsible gambling


As a retailer of alcoholic beverages, we are conscious of our obligations to address the issues of responsible drinking and the responsible service, ranging, sale and marketing of alcohol.



We will inspire our customers to consume all of our products in a healthy, sustainable way.

Endeavour Drinks

Keeping Darwin safe

When the Safer City Program launched in Darwin, BWS was invited to attend by the city’s Lord Mayor, Katrina Fong Lim. The launch event brought together various leading members of the community to look at the supply of alcohol in Darwin, and to work in close collaboration with the liquor industry to monitor and regulate it. As a result, the program initiated the Darwin Inner City Packaged Liquor Accord.

Serving alcohol responsibly

We are very strict when enforcing the rules regarding alcohol. To keep young people safe, we have a policy to make sure all patrons of our hotels and liquor outlets are checked for ID if they appear under 25. We are also very diligent if there’s a chance alcohol could be purchased for a minor or if people are already intoxicated. All staff receive regular RSA training updates from programs we have developed ourselves, many of which have gone on to be adopted industry-wide.


Endeavour Drinks is a funding supporter of DrinkWise – an independent, not-for-profit organisation whose primary focus is to help bring about a healthier and safer drinking culture in Australia. DrinkWise develops and implements a range of national information and education campaigns, as well as providing practical resources to help inform and support the community about alcohol use.


We pride ourselves on the quality and extent of our range but there are some drinks we don’t stock because we’ve found they appeal to people who shouldn’t be drinking and/or encourage people to drink too much. We never stock a drink item if its advertising and packaging makes a direct, unambiguous appeal to young people, or encourages excessive consumption.


As the first retail signatory to the Alcohol Beverage Advertising Code (ABAC), our advertising campaigns never step outside community standards, will never target young people, and will not encourage people who shouldn’t be drinking to do so. All our exclusive and own brand liquor brands follow and comply with the ABAC. Our efforts are supported and outlined in our Charter for Ranging Alcohol.

responsible service of alcohol


To be a responsible provider of electronic gambling services, we focus on setting limits, staff education and training, and partnerships. Our Hotel and Gaming Charter clearly demonstrates our commitment to responsible gambling.



We will inspire our customers to consume all of our products in a healthy, sustainable way.

ALH Group


For seven years, we have worked with David Schwarz, a well-known former professional AFL footballer and reformed problem gambler. David is our Responsible Gambling Ambassador.


Our Self-Exclusion Program helps people who have decided to limit their access to gaming machines to implement that decision.


We have implemented a mandatory online responsible gambling training module for all relevant employees, teaching them how to approach and interact with customers showing signs of problem gambling.


This system is a cornerstone for our responsible gambling strategy. It allows gamblers to nominate a limit before they start using our machines.