At Woolworths Group, we know how important our approach to sustainability is to our customers and communities.

With our presence across Australia’s and New Zealand’s cities, regions and remote areas, we are part of the fabric of society. The sustainability targets we set impact our nations’ economies, communities and environments.

We serve over 900 million customers each year. We directly employ over 202,000 people, and indirectly, many thousands more, through our supply chain.

When it comes to sustainability, we understand that we will be judged on what we do, not what we say. We are taking action to positively influence the supply chain to become more sustainable and reduce our carbon footprint. In this way, and in many others, we are supporting a healthy environment. We are working together to create better experiences for our customers every day, and understand our responsibility for creating a better tomorrow.


Unless otherwise stated, this report covers all our operations in Australia and New Zealand for the 2017 financial year – 1 July 2016 to 30 June 2017 (FY17). Only workforce data (excluding safety) is included for our global sourcing offices in China, Bangladesh and Thailand.